IEA EBC Annex 85: Subtask Leader Online Workshop

July 9, 2021
Zoom meeting room
  • Introduction

The IEA EBC Annex 85 Subtask Leader Online Workshop was held on July 9th, 2021 at Beijing, using ZOOM meeting room. The meeting was opened by Associate professor Xiaoyun Xie. Four presentations were given by each subtask leader. These presentations aim to exchange the research plan of each subtask and the work plan and status of preparation in next half year. The objectives of the workshop are to further refine the main contents of each subtasks of the project and confirm the arrangement of next workshop.

  • Main Content
    • 1. Welcome
    • 2. Latest information for the whole Annex

Xiaoyun gives a presentation about the latest information of Annex 85, include the working schedule, the status of participating countries and introduced the actions in the next half year:

  •  Carry out the workshop of all the participants in middle of September, including progress of each subtask and several research presentations.
  •  Possible organizing a workshop between Annex 85 and a new task force of European association, REHVA, who dealing also with evaporative cooling.
  •  Start to prepare possible publications and reports,
  •  Attract researchers who interested in IEC/DEC technologies into this Annex.
  • 3. Introduction from each subtask leader, for the next half-year work plan and comments for the preparation of next workshop expected to be carried out in September, 2021 (Alireza Afshari, Kashif Nawaz, Xiaoyun Xie and Hasan Demir, Chadi Maalouf and Vincent Lemort)
    • The presentations from each subtask leader give the brief research plan of each subtask and the work plan and status of preparation in next half year.
  • 1) Alireza Afshari

The subtask leader Alireza Afshari gave an overview research plan of subtask A, and are preparing the detailed research plan, which would be finished in the next month. In subtask A, the data from real project and the climate data will be collected, and the subtask leader will ask more participant to participate in.

  • 2) Kashif Nawaz

The subtask leader Kashif Nawaz gave the research plan of subtask B, the work in the next half year will focus on the performance analysis of IEC/DEC technologies, and will keep in touch with manufacturers and R&D centers, include the user cases. The contact information will be shared and the subtask may add some case collection work first, and do some research on the combining of IEC and other systems.

  • 3) Xiaoyun Xie and Hasan Demir,

The subtask leaders Xiaoyun Xie and Hasan Demir introduce the main research content, and the road map of cooperation research on subtask C, include thermal analysis basis and simulation analysis. They showed the first half year research focus, the content include literature review, performance analysis, and basic description method of heat and mass transfer processes of IEC/DEC processes, and discussion on internal losses definition.

  • 4) Chadi Maalouf and Vincent Lemort

The subtask leader Chadi Maalouf introduced the research plan, the preparation and the workplan in the working phase. In subtask D, the questionary will be soon collected, the climate data will be collected and investigated, and will prepare the exercise on building and systems to compare the simulation tools. Chadi has given the schedule of each task.

  • 4. Discussion

In the discussion, participants discussed the presentation of each subtask possible shared in the next workshop, there will be about 9-10 presentations next workshop, include the research plan of each subtask, and the recent research outcomes of each subtask. Also decided the next workshop will hold in one day for 4~5 hours.

  • Progress
  • The main content of the subtasks of the project have been further refined.
  • The work plan of next half year has been discussed.
  • The arrangement of the next workshop has been preliminarily decided.
  • Follow up
  • Confirm the date of next workshop
  • Confirm the detail of the work plan of next half year.
  • Construct project website
  • Discuss the arrangement of the in-person meeting.
  • Contact information
  • Xiaoyun Xie
Building Energy Research Center, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China.

  • Yijie Liu
Building Energy Research Center, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China.

Contact: Xiaoyun Xie